Why You Can’t Afford Not to Use Us!

Using Us When Buying or Selling will Save You Money and Time!

Biggest Reasons Why Sellers Choose Us:

  • Our Innovative and Unique Marketing & Advertising Plan – We have more Buyers
  • We have the best tools – State of the art photography and 360 degree virtual tours.
  • Our Team Approach – We consider our home sellers as team members and because we all commit to an innovative strategy, your home will sell faster without hassle and for Top Dollar.
  • Sell your Home Faster – Our innovative marketing plan enable us to sell your homes in the shortest time possible
  • Our Cancellation Guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied you can cancel the agreement without any penalties or payment.

Biggest Reasons Why Buyers Choose Team Florida Lifestyle:

  • Our Unique VIP Buyers Program – Access to the best listings as they come on the market.
  • Our Cancellation Guarantee* – Buyers can cancel our service if they are not 100% satisfied without any penalties or payment.
  • Our Systematized Team approach – You work with a knowledgeable team to get you the best deal possible

* Conditions apply

* You can cancel our agreement but we will still represent you on all homes we showed you before you cancelled the agreement.

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